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My twin aunts Part 1

I came home and she was sleeping on the couch; she’d worked late the night before. She looked pretty as she slept, and sexy. Her skirt was hiked up enough to see some thigh and her tits were pressed together so that some of the creamy flesh appeared out of her blouse. I wanted to […]

My twin aunts Part 2

When I was older and had a few serious relationships, Aunt Marie was never far from my mind. I did some flirting with her, and at first, there were some receptive responses. We played around. As I got bolder, my hands lingered on her and she rebuffed me. She stopped playing. I never said anything […]

My twin aunts Part 3

Aunt Marie said, “I don’t know if I can, Laila.” At that point, I came out from the room and went to Aunt Marie and said, “You can Aunt Marie…we can.” She was surprised to see me, but before she could say anything besides my name, I held her in my arms and kissed her. […]

My twin aunts Part 4

I answered the phone in a post-sex haze. My cousin Prabhu said, “Hey man come over later and watch the game.” I looked over at Aunt Marie lying beside me and said, “I’m busy bro.” When he asked me what I was busy with, I realized that Laila hadn’t told him about Aunt Marie and […]

My twin aunts Part 5

We were kissing her and touching her and fingering her and she was laughing. It was bizarre. I had my finger in my aunt’s pussy and I thought I would probably wake up any minute. She took us by the hand and we went to the den. I’d never been in the den, because I […]

My twin aunts Part 6

As my aunt and my Aunt Marie finished making love, I tried to make sense of it all. Aunt Marie had wanted me to see them. Did that mean she was telling me it was over for her and me? I didn’t want that. That Aunt Marieent intensified my love for her and I knew […]

My twin aunts Part 7

During the next few days, Aunt Marie was talking all the time, about us, about everything. She seemed in a hyper state and I noticed her wincing and holding her head. When I asked about it, she said she was fine, but finally admitted to having some headaches. This is normal for most people, but […]

Nephew’s Choot

Hi readers, this is a story about sex between uncle and his niece/nephew. Even from an early age I have always been very inquisitive about sex. My family are very prudish. Well at least I thought they were…turns out my Uncle Nayan isn’t such a prude. . I know I have always been his favourite […]

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