Kumkum’s adventures with her chacha ji Part 2

My cock was pulsating with lust.  She stood, before me, the nubile Lolita, this young virgin that would soon be mine. I thought, ‘Thanks for all the lessons, Sis, I’ll do her well’.  She was more beautiful naked than I had imagined. Her tuft of pelvic hair was light and sparse with early growth. “Turn for me.” Her derriere was also better than I could have imagined from seeing her in her bikini. It was like twin mounds of pleasure.  Suddenly there was another bolt of lightening, followed immediately by a very loud clap of thunder. She sprang up on the bed and into my arms. I cover us, reached over her and turned out the light.  Another blast of lightened illuminated the room. Another clap of thunder and she forced her naked body hard against mine. I couldn’t stop myself. Reaching for her face I brought mine to hers and kissed her, a long, deep, with a fiery passion I hadn’t known with other women. My tongue pushed its way into her mouth, probing, searching, finally finding its quest. Our tongues rubbed together, sliding one the other, caressing, inflaming.  I rolled her on her back as we continued to kiss.

I wanted so much to tell her how much I’ve wanted her. But, it was impossible for me to speak.  Releasing her lips and tongue, I slid down to her still forming breasts. Her nipple was hard. I sucked into my mouth, the sensation caused her to arch her back, pressing her pussy up into my stomach. She felt so divine. I was beyond thinking of the consequences. I had to fuck this little girl, I had to have her, and I had to have her soon.  I slowly moved from one nipple to the other. As desperate as I was to fuck her, I slowed myself down. I heard her whisper my name. Finding my voice, I released her nipple and asked, “Are you all right, Sweetheart?”  “Oh, yes, Chachaji. It’s perfect.” I lowered my mouth to her breast and recaptured the nipple I had been milking. Her arms went around my head, caressing me, holding me lightly to her.

Another lightening and thunder strike. Again she arched her pelvis into my stomach. I slid up her body, kissed her, licked her ear and told her, “There’s nothing to fear, I’m here to protect you and love you.” Again I kissed her, lovingly, hiding my desperation to have her.  I returned to her nipples, but this time I merely kissed them and slid my way further south. I licked and kissed her belly, her navel and moved to the crease between her belly and her thigh, licking her , tantalizing her, loving her.  Another bolt of lightening. I moved my tongue to her pussy positioned it at the entrance of her love and hoped for another earth shattering clap of thunder. I was rewarded. Kumkum, whose eyes were closed, reveling in my loving her, was thoroughly frightened by the thunder. She arched her back, driving her pussy up onto my tongue.  “Uh, uh, uh, Chachaji.” She whispered as she kept pushing her sweetness further onto my tongue. I helped her, driving my tongue further and further into her tunnel of love. My hands went under her hips and held them up against my impaling tongue.  Swirling my tongue around in her pussy, I could feel her begin to shudder.

I put her back down on the bed and kissed my way back to her face.  “Are you all right, Kumkum?”  I could barely hear her, “Yes.”  “Do you like me kissing your little pussy?”  “Oh, yes.”  “Should I do more?”  “Yes.” She pushed my head in the direction of her hot little pussy. As I went down to it, I paused to lick and suck her nipples, causing her to shiver a little. “Lower, Chachaji.”  “Where, Kumkum, where do you want me to lick you?”  “You know.”  “Tell me, Baby, tell me what you want.”  “Oh, Chachaji,” she rose up to look at me, “lick my little cunny hole, Chachaji, lick my cunny.” I didn’t tease her any more.  I reached for a pillow on the bed, raised her hips and slid it under her. She raised her legs, giving me access to her jewel box. I bent to my task.  Her pussy was wet with desire. I felt along the top of her labia, found my point of departure and slowly, tantalizingly, I licked down, through the crease, past her love and on to her anus. I rimmed her anus for a little bit, I could tell she was uncomfortable with it. I abandon her anus for a moment, intent on returning to it.  Her pussy was sweet, tasty, with an ever so subtle aroma.

Licking her was fast becoming one of the great pleasures of my life.  I inserted my tongue into her love tunnel again and tongue fucked her, pushing in as deeply as I could, swirling around and drawing back to the rim of her pussy lips and reentering, again and again.  Kumkum squirmed on the pillow; I could hardly keep up with her. “Uncle Ted, I feel so strange, so good.”  “You’re cumming, Sweetheart, just let yourself go, let yourself have the pleasure I want you to have.”  I went back to her pussy, laving from the bottom of her labia to the top, paying special attention to her clit. Her moans deepened, her hips bucked against my mouth. I went back to her hole, stuck my tongue into her swirled and licked her fast and hard. She came on my face.

I was thrilled with this little cherubs cum. She filled my mouth with her love juice. Oh, gawd, it was wonderful.  I continued to lick her, slowly, softly, as she came down from her heights. I took the pillow from beneath her and let her rest fully on the bed. Then, as I lay next to her, holding her, kissing her, I told her how much I love her and how much this moment meant to me.  “Kumkum, can I have you now?”  “What do you mean, Chachaji?”  “I want to fuck you now, my Lover, my cock hurts from wanting you so.” I took her hand and placed it on my cock. “Feel how hard it is for you, Baby, how much it wants to be inside you.”  She held my cock in her little hand. Instinctively, she began stroking me, rubbing me. “I’m afraid, Chachaji.”  “Of what, Lover?”  “I don’t know, I’m just scared.”  “Honey, I would never hurt you, well a little in the beginning, but nothing that would cause you real hurt. What you feel is normal, everyone is frightened by sex in the beginning, but I’ll teach you to like it and I’ll be a good lover for you.”  Her hand had increased its pressure on my cock and was stroking faster. If she kept this up a little longer, there would be no need for me to fuck her.  “OK, Chachaji, I want you to do it to me.”  “Do what, Sweetheart?”  “Fuck me.”  I got between her legs again. Kissing her, sucking her little nipples.

I repositioned the pillow under her hips, her legs were in the air again.  Pushing myself into position, I hooked her legs with my arms and pushed them up to her chest. I found the entrance to her sex with my cock head and rubbed the head up and down her labia. She started to coo and mew again, sounds of pleasure that were building in her vagina. I pressed my cock against her entrance, the head slid in a little. Gawd, she was tight. Suddenly I was really afraid I might hurt her.  I pressed ahead, a little more cock gaining access to her wetness. She tried to pull back a little. I held her hips in place, bent to kiss her and pushed a little harder, continuing until I was stopped by the guardian of her virginity. I had to slay this barrier to my pleasure, but not just yet.  I lay over her for a little bit, allowing her to get used to having a man inside of her.

As I began to feel her relax around my cock, pulled back a little to give her some added relief. She sighed with the newfound comfit.  I kissed her, ran my tongue into her mouth and simulated a fucking motion. She received my tongue, touching it only when it reached its depth. “That’s what I’m going to do to your cunny, Kumkum, and it’s going to be even more pleasant than my tongue in your mouth.”  As I spoke to her, I moved my cock up into her cunny, harder than before. I slayed the guardian in one forceful, yet compassionate move. She cried out, I continued my penetration until I reached her depth. I held myself there.  I kissed her, “The bad part is over, Darling, from here on, it will be nothing but pleasure, I promise you.” We continued to kiss until, by the relaxation of her body, I knew she had accepted me.  Only now did I let myself experience the exquisiteness of her love box. She was wet and warm, the flesh felt like soft velvet. And, she was tight, tighter than any pussy I’d ever had.

I began to saw in and out of her, very slowly, very gently, trying to feel and sense the changes in attitude of her body and her mind, always alert to her being turned off. I would rather stop and try later than to lose her.  But, my fears were baseless. Her arms went around my neck, she pulled me to her, Kissed me deeply, “I love you, Chachaji, I’m glad my first time is with you. Please, Chachaji, I need it, fuck me faster, harder, make me a woman. Teach me how to cum on your cock. Oh, gawd, Chachaji, fuck me.”  I humped her for real now, just as she wanted it hard and fast. She came immediately and continued cumming as I fucked her.  I didn’t fuck her for long, maybe five minutes. I was so hot, I couldn’t hold back, my orgasm was about to rage. Oh, shit, I wanted to pull out of her, but I was powerless over my lust. I humped until my cum started to force itself from me. I rammed my cock up into her tight little cunt and came, deep inside her. ‘Fuck it’, I thought, ‘what happens happens’.

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