Kumkum’s adventures with her chacha ji Part 3

When I was spent, I lay beside her and cuddled her into me. I caressed her body lightly as she purred with sexual satisfaction.  Kumkum pushed me on my back, crawled up on my stomach and fell asleep. I lay there with this little nymphet sleeping on top of me and reveled in the sensuality of her body. Finally, I slept, my arms holding her to me.  I slept very lightly that night, not wanting to disturb the beautiful waif asleep on my belly. Nor did I want to lose contact with her. Through the night, I had to capture her as she started to roll off me, bringing her back to my chest and stomach.  But it was that time of the morning and I had to pee.  I thought of slipping out from under her, but I wanted her to awaken on top of me. Her legs were splayed around my own, exposing her pussy. I ran my hands down her back and caressed her bottom. I ran a finger along the top of the valley between her mounds, she quivered slightly. My finger continued until it reach her love, the jewel I had captured last night.

Caressing it, I found the opening to my earthly paradise and allowed my finger to penetrate. Slowly, tenderly, I inserted my finger into the precious gift she had given me. She stirred. Her eyes opened. She realized where she was, looked up at me and smiled. My heart did flip-flops.  “Good Morning, Chachaji.”  I pulled her up on me and kissed her. Her arms went around my neck and held me tight. The fear of her being remorseful over what I had done to her last night dissolved into joy.  “Good Morning, my beautiful Lover. Did you sleep well?”  “Oh, yes, I slept great. And I had the most delicious dream, I dreamt you were making love to me.”  “That was no dream, Sweetheart, we became lovers last night.”  She snuggled into my neck and kissed it, “I know, I was just teasing. Can we make love again?”  “And again, and again. But right now, I have to pee.”  “Me, too.” She slid off me, got out of bed and stood waiting for me. I couldn’t take my eyes from her.  “Kumkum, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” She smiled, came back on the bed and kissed me warmly.  I got out of bed, my cock at attention. She took my hand and led me to the bathroom. She sat on the bowl, scooted back on the seat, looked at me and asked, “Well, don’t you have to go?” She pointed between her legs.

I walked to the toilet I couldn’t pee with my hard cock pressed down, so I got on my knees and peed between her legs. Our streams intermingled. She watched and giggled.  “Are you laughing at me?” My tone was playful. I raised my cock and peed against her pussy. She laughed at being showered.  “No far, I don’t have an aimer.” We both laughed. I took her in my arms and hugged her to me.  “I guess I had better wash you now.” I ran the shower and we got in. Washing her petite body was a wonder in itself. She was at once a tiny, young girl and, at the same time, a now sexually experienced woman, ready to give me pleasure again. I loved her so much.  After we had both been cleansed, one by the other, we got out of the shower, dried and returned to the bedroom.  I lay her on the bed, spread her little legs and got between them. “OK, let’s have a look at what caused that storm last night.” I lifted her legs, folded them back against her chest and devoured her beautiful cunny with hungry eyes.  “Kumkum, it’s so beautiful, it’s every bit as beautiful as you are.”  “Lick it for me, Chachaji, please.

I love the way you lick me.”  “My Lady’s wish is my command.” I bent to her pussy and licked it, from bottom to top. She squirmed and cooed as I licked her.  I reached for two pillows this time, raised her off the bed with one hand as I stacked the pillows under her. I lay her back down. He pussy was better exposed to me, and so was her anus.  “Hold your legs up, Honey.” She held her legs close to her chest. I slid my hands under her hips and held her up to my feasting mouth. I slid my tongue up her pussy and, as I licked downward, I passed her pussy and went to her anal ring. I licked her anus, rimming her, my tongue pointed. She tried to pull away.  “Chachaji, that’s dirty.”  I slid up her body, looked at her and told her, “I washed it well, Sweetheart, you’re as clean as you can be. But, you have to know this; there is nothing dirty between lovers. If your lover wants to do something to give you pleasure than it is pure and good. Accept what he does as a gift of love. This is one of the many gifts I want to give you.”  We kissed, her little arms around my neck, holding me close to her.

I slid back down to her lovely groin. This time, I laved her anus with my tongue broad. She squirmed back into my mouth, not away from me. I was encouraged. I rimmed her for a while, she began to mew. “Chachaji, it feels funny. It feels nice, but funny.”  My tongue became a rapier, assaulting her anus. It pushed forward, entered her little hole, swirled, teased, titillated her until her hands came to my head, holding me close to her anus. I continued to tongue fuck her anus until I tired myself out.  I sled back up on her, slipped my dick into her pussy when it was in place. She held me to her. “Chachaji, I liked when you licked my behind, you can do it whenever you want.”  As I slowly stroked into her pussy, I told her, “Sometime, I going to fuck you in your behind. It’s safer than fucking your cunny, Honey, you can’t get pregnant if I cum in your backside.”  “But it will hurt.”  “Only the first time, but I’ll be gentle with you. You trust me don’t you?” What a fucking hypocrite I am, here I am violating an under aged girl, who happens to be my niece and I want to know if she trusts me!  “Yes, Chachaji, I trust you.” It was time to fuck.  With her hips up on two pillows and her legs hooked in my arms, she was completely open and vulnerable to my assault. My cock slid into her, deeply into her. I hastened my pace, fucking deep into her love tunnel, making contact with her cervix from time to time.

I backed off a little, time enough to teach her pain/pleasure.  “Oh, gawd, Chachaji, I have that wonderful feeling again. I cumming, Uncle Ted. I’m cumming.” Well, I think it goes, ‘no time like the present’.  As her cum mounted inside her, I plunder her pussy, harder and faster. She started cumming, I deepen my stroke, hitting her cervix every other stroke. At first she jumped away. But after a short while she pushed towards me to make me hit it every time. I did. I humped deep into her, banging and banging on the door to her womb, she screamed out, experiencing the excruciating joy of a pain/pleasure cum.  As she started to come down from the heights I had attained for her, I backed away from the depth I had plundered. I slowed my pace to allow her to get her breath back. She lay with her eyes closed, her body glistening with perspiration.  Her eyes opened, she looked at me as my new lover. I kissed her. “Chachaji, what are you doing to me? You make me so in love with you. I am so lucky. That was so great, I almost blacked out, I didn’t know if I was in pain or feeling great because I was cumming and then they were just the same thing, only more so.” She was rambling. I was filled with ecstasy, knowing I had been so good for this little girl. Knowing that she would always remember this. No boy she would give herself to now would satisfy her as I had satisfied her. She would come back to me, always come back to me.

I was still humping her slowly. But now I needed to cum in her again. “Kumkum, I’m going to teach you how to have a man cum in you safely, I’m going to cum in your mouth.”  “Yes, Chachaji, I want you to cum everywhere in me.”  I was close now, I humped her hard and deep again. She started to cum. Oh, gawd, I hoped I’d have the sense to pull out of her this time. I didn’t want to, I wanted to cum deep in her. Leave myself inside her.  I humped her harder and harder, hitting her cervix again. She was at the apex of her orgasm, just a few more seconds, let me hold off until she has her cum. I humped her hard, hitting her button constantly.  She literally exploded under me, screaming yelling my name, calling out her cum.  I was on the verge. I wanted to stay inside her, I couldn’t, I had to pull out.

I withdrew from her pussy, scurried up the bed, pressed my hardness against her mouth, she opened and I entered her. After a couple of humps into her mouth, I exploded in a wonderful, fulfilling cum. I shot three loads of cum into her mouth and then a fourth. I held my cock in her until she swallowed my cum.  I withdrew from her, moved down to her and held her in my arms. “I love you, Kumkum.”  She kissed me, I tasted my cum on her tongue and in her mouth. We held the kiss for a long time.  “I loved the taste of you, Chachaji. I want you to cum in my mouth again. I want you to cum in my cunny again, I want you to cum in my backside. Everywhere, I want you to cum all over me.”  We lay holding each other, until Kumkum fell a sleep. I got out of the bed and covered her.  I went to the kitchen to see what I had for our breakfast.

The house phone rang, it was Rani. “How is everything going, Ted.”  “Just great, Rani, how is your ride, where are you?”  “I’m just about to cross into Illinois. How is Kumkum?”  “Oh, she’s fine, she’s still sleeping.”  “Did you fuck her?” I hesitated. “OK, that’s answer enough.”  “Are you pissed with me?'”  “No, I guess not, it’s as much my fault, if I didn’t want you to do her, I would have taken her with me. I wanted her first to be good for her and I knew you would make it good. Just be careful, Ted. I don’t want you to make her pregnant. I’ve decided to sell the house and move back near you. Is that OK with you? We’d be neighbors.”  “Of course, Sis, that would be great.”  “And, you’d have Kumkum near by.

She can stay with you sometimes and you can fuck her when you want. But, only on one condition.”  “What’s that?”  “You have to fuck me some times, too. Think you can manage that?”  “Get that house sold and cleaned out, and get back here quick and find out if I can manage fucking you or not.” We laughed. “Do you need help, we’ll fly out if and when you need us?”  “OK, I’ll call you.” We rang off.  Could things get any better for me? I had a waif as my lover and now her beautiful mother had offered herself to me as well. The Sun was truly shining on yours truly.  I called a real estate broker and set out to find them a house as near to me as possible.

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