My cousins Madhu, Nisha and Komal

Hi friends, how are you doing? I’m Aman 31 and early last year I went for a visit to the old country, my grandparents had come from. I some addresses of relatives to look up while there. I can speak the language and wouldn’t have any problems with communication with them. I decided to check out the sights first before visiting relatives.

Then after a couple of days, I made contact with them and arranged to meet them. There was a second cousin Madhu 44 and 2 third cousins Nisha 23 and Komal 21, they were all very good looking and I was welcomed warmly. Madhu was a widow and the daughter of my father’s sister Madhu now deceased.

She had stayed behind when the rest of the family immigrated 40 years earlier. They operated a stall at the markets and grew most of their food in their garden and also done cleaning for the richer people of their town. But they all seemed happy and we got on very well. I was surprised by Madhu who asked me would I like to marry either Nisha or Komal and I responded I hadn’t really thought about marriage.

She didn’t say anymore and left it at that while talking to my parents on the phone, I mentioned the offer to them and my father said I should have accepted the offer and they might have all been able to join us in our new country.

I wasn’t sure how I should proceed and the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea. I was always a book worm and had done well at school and university and had a great job, but hadn’t done well with women at all. Here I was being offered a choice of good looking women and had been too stupid to accept. So I decided to talk to Madhu about her offer hoping it was still open.

I waited till we were alone and asked her was she serious about her offer or what. Madhu said she was serious and that she and her other daughter would be the dowry if I was interested. I asked which daughter should I marry and was told I could marry either. I said they were both so nice I couldn’t choose and she said she would put their names in a bowl and I could draw one out to marry.

I said that would do, but are they both in favor of the arrangement. As I wouldn’t want to force them into anything, by accepting this arrangement. Madhu said were both willing and when they get home I could ask them. I replied then when they get home and they agree we’ll have the draw, she agreed.

Two hours later they both returned home from their cleaning job and I asked them both and they both were agreeable to the arrangement. I drew a piece of paper from the bowl and opened it up and it was Nisha. Then Madhu opened up the other piece of paper to show it had Komal’s name on it.

That night Madhu slept with me and plans were made for a quick wedding. My father used his contacts to process their visas and my mother started planning another family wedding for when we all got back there.

It took 6 weeks to get their passports and visas all fixed up and I had married within a week of accepting the arrangement and was sleeping with them all. My parents purchased a house close to them for us. We all arrived home in late May and in July Komal was pregnant and by August so was Nisha. We are happy with the arrangement and looking forward to the birth of our children.

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