Top of the world Part 21

“Relax dear.” Mom released my grip from her hips and moved to Michelle. She took Michelle by her arms and led her back to the sofa. Mom helped her sit on the sofa and then she herself settled beside Michelle “Just relax dear. You’ gotta believe me. Ted and I are lovers, we fuck daily.” […]

Top of the world Part 20

“I…I…didn’t get you.” “It’s simple…!” Mom spoke slowly. “If you promise me absolute secrecy, I can let you fuck my secret lover.” “You…what?” Michelle was stunned. “Yes!” Mom’s lips spread in a sensuous smile. “I believe in sharing my love. So… if you like, we can share my lover, together.” My heart was beating violently. […]

Top of the world Part 19

A scene from the recent past was suddenly alive into my mind. It was the same sofa, where I had fucked my mom while Mike was watching from the window. A similar thing was happening there; my mom was playing my role and my friend Mike’s mother Michelle was enacting my mother’s character. Mom crouched […]

Top of the world Part 18

“Immediately…!” I kissed my horny mother, running my fingers along her wet slit. “Day after tomorrow, Mike and Suzy are going to Bergen for three days. They are representing our school in some science quiz. You’ll have plenty of time to set your trap. First time, it’d be only Aunt Michelle and you.” “And you? […]

Top of the world Part 17

“You’re turning into a sex maniac.” Mom looked at me incredulously. “Aren’t two of us enough for you?” Mom had just come out of the shower and was rubbing her hair with a towel. Her beautiful body was wrapped in a bathrobe. I was already in the bed… naked, covers drawn around my waist; a […]

Top of the world Part 16

She buried her face into my chest, tightening the grip of her cunt over my reciprocating cock. Her whole body shuddered with excitement; her cunt vibrated hysterically around my cock. I could not hold any more. Bucking forward my hips, I emptied my balls inside her. My head was spinning in excitement; I could only […]

Top of the world Part 15

“Ohhhh…! Mike!” Mom was crying with passion. “It feels so good. Fuck me. Fuck me.” I was completely lost in the most extraordinary scene that was being enacted in live by my best friend and my mother, and I realized that my cock was again beginning to swell. Suzy also had rolled near me and […]

Top of the world Part 14

I looked at Mike. He was watching me intently. His hand was still busy playing with his cock. I winked at him and gestured in the direction of mom. Mom was lying between Suzy’s wide spread legs; her torso was flat on the bed but her ass was high in air, her legs bent at […]

Top of the world Part 13

I was very excited to go through the content of the cd, mainly because I was sure that it could provide some vital clues about Michelle Wongs sexual preferences. She was horny and would certainly love to have a rigid cock deep inside her steaming cunt. As far as I knew, she was not getting […]

Top of the world Part 12

When I reached home, it was already dark. I looked at my house, which was covered in the darkness, indicating that mom had not arrived yet. I was about to open the front gate when I realized that I had given the keys to Wongs. Therefore, I left the gate and walked towards Wong’s house. […]

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