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Hi friends, how are you doing? I’m Ruchir 32 single, long story short. I inherited a farm from great uncle Anil on my late father’s side of the family I was his only relative left. My father Roger died 12 years ago and I was his only child and my mother Neha remarried 9 years ago to Brendan and has a daughter Ariel 7. But as I inherited the 467-acre farm from Anil and I had been working on farms since the age of 15 I decided to take over the farm myself instead of selling it.

I also got a fair-sized amount of cash with the farm and all the equipment and livestock. A 5 bedroom house was on the farm and was in very good condition, the farm had a stream running through it a grove trees outback of the barn and its attached livestock yards. There was a clear piece of land between the trees and yards and I decided to build a pond there it was a hollow and would fill with water in heavy rain and so I had it dug out and stacked stone wall built to support its side. Its base was clay and it would hold water really well.

I was thinking about pumping some water from the stream to the pond, but it started to rain and a week later the pond was filled. I had fenced off most of the pond from the cattle and horses, only leaving a small crushed rock path into the pond for the animals to get water. My younger cousins on my mother’s side came out for a visit and really enjoyed swimming in the pond.

After they had gone home and then Riya 29 single the oldest of my cousins came to see what had excited her brothers, sister and other cousins about the farm. Riya is my mother’s only sister only child and is a free spirit is how she described by the rest of the family. She never met her father and her mother, Supriya has found religion and became a born again pain in the butt. I like Riya a lot and when asked could stay a couple of weeks before returning to find a job I said stay as long as you want.

She was no trouble and cooked my meals and just walked around the farm or rode the horses. A few days later I had been in town getting some wire netting to rewire the chicken run. I parked my pickup in the barn and unloaded the wire, then I walked out the back of the barn and over to the rail fence closet to the pond. When I got there I saw Riya was swimming in the pond and was about to go back to the barn.

When Riya stood up in the water and she was totally naked, I hadn’t noticed before because the water is dark tea color. She saw me looking and said I should join her for a swim, never been one to miss any chance I agreed. I joined her beside the pond and stripped off my clothes and joined her in the water. We played about a bit and then she got out and laid on a large beach towel on the grass beside the pond and when I got out she told me to lay down beside her. We had been there a couple of minutes and I started thinking of how sexy she looked and got a hard-on and she saw it straight away and said you’ve got a nice rise there.

Would you like me to take care of it for you? Yes please, I answered, not knowing what she intended to. At first, she just stroked it, but then she started to suck me off. I could my cum rising and told her and she kept sucking and took it all in her mouth and swallowed it all. Then pointing to her pussy said your turn and I went down on her after she came I mounted her and fucked her hard. I felt my cum rising again and let go inside of her. Riya wasn’t worried about that and we started fucking almost every day.

Then 3 weeks later Supriya came out to see what Riya was doing and why she hadn’t returned to find a job. I wanted Riya to stay and told Supriya Riya was working for me on the farm. This wasn’t what Supriya wanted Riya to be doing, but it was a work and Riya and I were both happy so she left. Two days later Neha came out and knew just first glance that we were sleeping together, asking were we taking precautions and I answered no.

You’re making your own beds and will have to live with it she replied and after several hours she left saying she won’t tell Supriya and that we had her support. That was in June and Riya is now 3 months pregnant and Supriya isn’t pleased about it. But the rest of the family are pleased that we are happy and the tests show the baby boy is healthy and that’s what counts.

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