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My awesome experience in family-4

They took their shower in a corner of the house with a bucket of water and a cup it was sad to see my member of my family like that ,after the kids took their shower i was laying on the bed looking at the wood roof thinking what to do when Jigyasa came took […]

Desi incest sex with mom-1

I’m Ankit 19 yrs old not really a big guy but i would never give up in a fight everybody know me as a gangster i been doing lots of shit to support my poor parent and other poor people i never do this for myself ,I’ve been born poor .I live with my who […]

Great sex with Adity aunty

The trouble with living in a small town is that everyone knows everyone else and most of them are your relatives as well. That was my major problem as I grew up, all the girls who were close to my age were relatives. I thought I would never find a girlfriend in our town. I […]

I got another hard-on

Hi everyone, how are you doing? I’m Kunal 36 single and lived by myself till last November, I’ve never been a ladies man. But have had some success, but nothing that led to a relationship. In November my sister Jyoti 29 youngest of my siblings came to live with me. She was pregnant and had […]

I enjoyed the blowjob

My mother Divya 38 was left devastated by my father Varun 53 divorcing her. Divya wasn’t aware of Varun’s affairs and was totally blindsided by Varun. But she got the house and half of everything else, mainly because Varun wanted a quick divorce and didn’t want it dragged out in court by my aunt Priya […]

My cute daughter Priya-2

Coming in through the front door the house seemed quiet. On a typical Saturday I would expect my father to be in his recliner in front of the television or my daughter making noise cleaning or just listening to music in her room or the office. It was quiet. Well, mostly quiet. There was a […]

She is hungry for a cock-1

Hi I’m Amit 23 yrs old live with parent ,i was in construction and after work i would spend my time with my friends smoking weed and 3 times a week I would meet with Sangeeta a neighbor married woman for sex .We were young and crazy sometime me and my friend will go to […]

My first desi incest experience

My mother Priya 38 was left devastated by my father Vinay 53 divorcing her. Priya wasn’t aware of Vinay’s affairs and was totally blindsided by Vinay. But she got the house and half of everything else, mainly because Vinay wanted a quick divorce and didn’t want it dragged out in court by my aunt Lalita […]

Thanks to Parul’s training

The day my life changed was in March last year, I’m Tarun 20 and single. On a weekend last March, I went over to my aunt’s place to pick up the lawnmower to fix it for her. I’m good with engines and fixing just about anything mechanical, but lousy with women. My uncle Paras 51 […]

I blew my cum into her mouth

Hi friends, I’m Hashim 23 youngest of 3 and only one still home with my mother Fatima 47. My father Irfan left us 5 years ago and married his work partner Shaba twenty years younger than my mother Fatima. Fatima went a bit strange for a while and started drinking a lot and after 2 […]

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