The story of my life Part 6

He would make love to me all night and I would sleep in his bed, hid hard male body spooning into mine as his arms would go around my body and his hands would hold my sift tits. His wonderful cock snug between my ass cheeks.

I would wake up in the morning in his warm embrace, feel his morning wood poking my ass and go down to worship him with my mouth. As my lips wrap around his cock, he would slide into my wet and small mouth and fuck my face. Then he would pull out of my mouth, clamber over me and position his giant cock over my cunt and as his male bod crushed my soft tits and smooth thighs, he would ………I was being led forward by Akshay to the decadent set of young men downstairs.

I knew that I had climbed a step higher. I wanted all the cock in the world and there were four hunks who would fuck me and another one outside…..hungry for my female body……..My fuck adventures had begun, as Akshay rose, zipped himself, smoothened my clothes and led me to meet the hunks in the room downstairs…….

He held my hand and walked a step ahead of me. I would have loved to have walked closer to him. My soft virginal body sticking to his hard marauding bod. His arms around my waist and my head in the crook of his neck, my hands stroking his hard chest and smooth cheeks.

As I dreamed, he stopped. Dreaming I slammed into his hard bod. I thought he had stopped to fondle me, hopefully a rough fondling. I put my arms around his neck and pulled myself up. My tits were half out of my dress and rubbing against the soft cashmere of his Henley shirt. My lips sought his and when they met, my tongue slipped into his mouth to explore and play with his hot tongue.

He groaned as his cockhead fit snugly in my pussy crevice. He asked me to stop teasing him, or he would start fucking me right there- as if that wasn’t exactly what I wanted him to do. As he ended the kiss, which I had started, he moaned again. I looked at myself in a mirror. Swollen lips, mussed up lipstick, ruffled hair, tits almost out and dress riding high on my thighs, I looked like a slut ready to be fucked and all I wanted was my hunk brother to finish the task – to fuck me.

Instead he seemed to agonise more, seeing my arousal. He whispered in my ear, not to talk at all all evening. He then led me into the room below. The aroma of sex, aroma of malehood was overpowering in the room. At last I would be fucked. I would get all the cock I wanted.

Akshay whispered in my ear, not to talk at all the whole time I would be at the house this evening. He then led me into the room below. The aroma of sex, presence of masculinity and the atmosphere of decadent desire was overpowering in the room. At last I would be fucked. I would get all the cock I wanted.

The positions had changed since I had last peeked in the room from the window above. Ashmit was now naked and lounging on the couch. One of the girls kneeled between his legs and was holding his big cock between her tits. Another girl was lying next to him, her tits on his abs and her tongue flicking out to lick his cockhead each time it peeked out of the tits. Ashmit was lying back and another girl stood over him, offering her bald cunt to be eaten by his wet tongue.

Karan was still in his sharp Italian suit with only his big cock out and a fully naked girl was hunched in front of him, offering her cunt to be fucked doggy style.Karan was lazily lounging back, allowing the girl to feed her cunt on his fat cock. Rajbir sat with another girl, his cock safe inside his pants. The girl was naked and had her fingers deep inside her cunt and she was feeding her dripping fingers to Rajbir from time to time.

As soon as we entered, I could see Rajbir’s eyes light up seeing Akshay. As his gaze passed over from Akshay to me, who was behind my hunk brother, a change came over his face. His eues glowed with flashes of surprise and awe and then changed to one of lust. The planes of his face softened and hardened as thoughts of lascivious depravity crept into the young man’s mind and his gaze swept over my delicate and soft form- my silky hair ruffled by Akshay’s hands as I had sucked his cock a little while ago, my swollen lips that had just been fucked by Akshay’s cock, the heaving young breasts that were yearning to nestle Akshay’s cock in between them, the pungency of my arousal as I clung to Akshay and dreamt of having his cock ravage my cunt.

The delight of a new female body to enjoy and to share with his mates quickened his senses as his pupils expanded, his nostrils flared and his muscles tensed. He signalled Akshay towards a couch- a long and soft leather couch, a few feet away from him. As Akshay lounged back, he prompted the naked girl next to him to go to Akshay. I stood at the doorway and watched the girl go towards him and sit next to him. One on her hands started stroking the bulge at his crotch. Her other hand slipped back to her cunt and was stroking her clit. His heads dipped to her mouth and their tongues slipped out of their mouths and as I saw with lustful awe, the tongues danced a sexy tango. Then Akshay forcefully pushed his tongue into her mouth as a precursor to other things that would invade her.

As I watched this erotic foreplay, my hunk was playing with this slut, my pussy was drip honey. As I shivered with desire, I saw Rajbir staring at me. He crooked a finger and beckoned me. I walked to him. He slapped his thigh lightly to indicate where I should sit. As I sat on his denim clad thigh, my dress ride high and my soft white ass rubbed against the ripped jeans and felt the heat of his hard thigh muscles creep up to my pussy lips.

Rajbir pulled me close to him. My slim body was lost in his massive torso. My fair arms on his dark brown torso was like ropes of semen on the abs of a hunk who had just jerked off to the fantasy of fucking a beauty. My red dress glowed onhis hard muscles like a cherry that would be poppec by a hard cock.

We settled down to a more comfortable position. I was sitting with my ass in his crotch, feeling the foot long rod splitting my ass cheeks. My body twisted to rest entirely in his smooth and hard chest and my head in the crook of his neck. My hands rested on his hard pecs and his hands softly removed my soft tits from the confines of my dress where they were barely confined. As his hands softly stroked my nipples we watched the show.

The girl had pulled off Akshay’s Henley shirt and he was now shirtless as she fed him the drippings of her cunt. Karan was also now alone, sitting stroking his cock as his girl now writhed next to Akshay running her hands all over his muscled body. From time to time she fingered her cunt, brought out a mixture of Karan’s jizz and her own honey, smeared it on my Akshay and licked it off him.

Rajbir could sense my envy and anger as I saw the two sluts enjoying what was mine. He whispered in my ear” All new sluts feel like this, they think the man belongs to them. But then they realise after some time that they are only bitches”.

” Bitches are pets who serve as sluts. Pet sluts are good girls who have three fuckholes, a set of tits and a collar and leash. Three fuckholes that can all be pounded and fucked as hard and as deep as your master’s cock can go. Your purpose as a slut is to please your master. Make yourself the best pleasure doll you can be whore; three holes are far better than one. Three holes will give more fucking pleasure to the master”.

His crude words excited me rather than make me angry. I looked longingly at Akshay, now between the two naked girls. One of his hands was mauling one girls tits and the other was finger- fucking the other girl. From time to time his fingers would come out and he would share the dripping would both girls who would either lick his fingers or lick the honey off his tongue when he chose to lick his fingers himself.
The girls were getting more and more excited and one of them got onto my darling Akshay’s body and started rubbing het tits and dripping cunt to his smooth and ripped torso. This raised my own arousal and I lay on Rajbir, who had my tits out of my dress and was alternately caressing them softly and pulling the nipples hard. As I writhed against him, he softly pulled my dress off leaving me in my red crotchless panties with the black bow. The aroma of my arousal filled the room, as the young man spoke again.

” The slut bitch lives to please her master. On the other hand hand the master exists to protect her so that she might always please him. It is not every man who can be a master. He should be a man who always prepared to have his cock and tongue ready for the three holes and tuts of his bitch but arms ready to thrash anyone who threatens his bitch. He may share his bitch with his friends but never let anyone forget that the bitch is his and his only.” As he spoke, I gazed fondly at what I thought was my hunky master- my lovely golden brother Akshay.

Rajbir followed my gaze and chuckled. He said ” Darling, he is a very handsome man. A real charmer and plunderer of cunts. Sadly he is not a master. Cunts give him their all and he takes them. He cannot however kill for the sake of his bitch. Other than me there is no other male who is capable of being a master in this room. Lovely as you are and seductive your charming tits and cunt, something tells me I too cannot be your master. ”

He looked up and smiled. I followed his gaze. At the huge glass pane that extended from the floor to roof and facing the garden was a male form. Dark and menacing, it was the hulking guard Faizi. He was staring at the decadent scene of sex and his eyes flamed with anger, envy and lust. He had his huge erection out and was stroking it. Faizi’s gaze flitted from the writhing girls on Akshay’s body to mine writhing on Rajbir’s naked torso.

Rajbir said” That one out will also be a great master who will fucking pound your three holes and keep slut pets on a tight leash. But again something tells me that you are not a pet for him as well.” I looked at Faizi again, this time our eyes locked. The hot flame of lust in his eyes seared through me. I knew that he wanted to do indescribable dirty things when he would enjoy my body. My shocked gaze dropped to where his hand held his cock. It seemed different to Akshay’s cock. Much longer and thicker of course. But the naked cockhead like the helmet of a gladiator, waiting to ravage and plunder. I shut my eyes.

I opened my eyes to the feel of a hot pair of lips on my tits. It was Karan who was sitting next to me. His hands were stroking Rajbir’s abs and his mouth was caressing my tits. The feel of the massive torso supporting my back, the hot mouth on my tits and the iron rod beneath my ass was too much to bear, or so I thought.

Rajbir spoke again, ” There is a second type of slut. The SlutforAll. This kind of slut exists to quench the fire in her holes by using the jizz from every cock she comes across. The bitches you see in front of you devouring your lovers cock are slutsforall. They are cunts, asses and mouths meant for hard cocks to plunder and pound. They need no masters however. They are total slaves to their own addiction to hard cock. That is their own leash. No master would like to have them as they are like the air and wind- for all to use and enjoy, but none to possess.”.

As he spoke, Rajbir’s hands slipped to touch my cunt lips. His thumb stroked my clit and pressed on it. The effect electrified me. By then, Karan had unzipped Rajbir and freed his cock, which was now a burning brand on my butt. It felt huge, but instead of scared I was thrilled that one day I would take it deep inside me, inside all my three holes and more.

When I looked up Ashmit’s girls too had left him and descended on my Akshay. They had stripped him naked and all five female bodies were making love to that six feet of raw male beauty. They were feeding him drippings from their cunts, licking his smooth muscles, getting their tits bitten and mauled by his mouth and hands and……..his cock was erect, proud, tall and hard with tongles and lips flickering all its velvet length. Lips caressed his balls and tongues stroked his nether hole as well.

One girl got over him and sat on his face. Akshay alternately sucked her clit and speared his tongue into her asshole. In tandem a female tongue below speared her tongue into his butthole as well. A pair of lips sucked his nipples as his mouth bit the female nipples on offer- his dark brown lips and white teeth ravaged their dark brown nipples, red nipples and light brown ones. They took turns to tease him and excite him. His dark brown lips and white teeth stroked, sucked and bit dark brown cunts, red cunts and light brown cunts. There was however pale pink rosebud nipples and a pale pink rosebud cunt and pale pink rosebud mouth that he would soon ravage.

He couldn’t take it any longer and my darling hunk brother roared and his balls exploded in a stream of hot jizz that he let loose in long ropes on all the girls. As he did that I could feel a huge cockhead at the entrance of my cunt. A cool liquid – a drop of precum smeared my cunt lips and the cockhead jammed my entrance. It was huge…….at the same time I felt a cold and wet thing on my ass. It was Karan who had slipped down and was spearing my butthole with his hot tongue. I felt a cold liquid presence on my nipples, Ashmit had poured cold chockolate sauce on my tits and his hot mouth descended on my tits. The three hunks were seducing me and were trying to distract me from my hunk. I looked at Akshay.

Five mouths were attacking his cock and balls and ass. In less than an hour he had cum twice and still my lover could get hard again. His lovely cock stoof proud and erect once again. The cockhead in my tiny pussy was getting insistent as wrre the tongue on my tits and tongue in my ass. By then, a dark brown cunt rose up and straddled my lover’s cock. She sat on the cock and slwly sank till the cock was balls deep in het cunt.

Rajbir stopped the progress of his cockhead…..the resistance of my virgin cunt surprised him. ” Kori Chooth” ( Virgin cunt!) he said. ” still a virgin and making us all dance to your tunes. You must be the third kind, the SlutQueen.” I had no time to listen to him. I wanted to take what was mine. I rose, the tongues and cockhead withdrew creating a vacuum in me. That would soon be remedied, the aching emptiness filled as I walked towards my darling hunk, my golden boy and my brother who would now take my virgin cunt, make me a woman and fill me with his hot mancum.

As I approached to claim what was mine. The girls scrambled off Akshay, who now rose and stood to welcome me, take me and fill me………

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